Woman's Pray

Lord, this prayer for a man that will be a part of my life. He must know for whom and what he lives, so his life isn’t useless. Someone that has a wise heart, not only a smart brain. A man that not only adores me, but can warm me when I’m wrong. A man that can be my best friend. A man that makes me like a lady when I’m beside him.

I NEVER ask for a PERFECT man but I ASK FOR an IMPERFECT man. A man that needs my love, my support, my prayer for his life. Give Your hands so I always be able to pray and help him. Give Your eyes, so I can see good things in him and not the bad one. Give Your mouth that is filled with Your words of wisdom so I can always support him. Give Your legs so I can walk with him in any situation that rises in our journey. Until finally both of us can say; “Thanks for this beautiful life, How Great Thou Art!”


source: http://bit.ly/hls6TA

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