Ice Cream

yeaaaah!! today I feel very happy,,
wake up with songs accompanied by a spiritual force ..
set out with classical piano accompaniment instrument and sitting in front of the computer with music pep joy.

nike called me last night and we talked a lot about "" (really short, right xixixi) you dont really know exactly:P
End of story, we ended the conversation because we were sleepy and did not get a signal anymore:D,,she got exam tomorrow, I just hope she can


few minutes ago, Nike send a message and said that the test is successful. I'm glad to hear it!! :) I promised to buy an ice cream for her. she likes vanilla,, and I exactly choose the chocolate one. hehehehe..


cape ngomong bahasa inggris:P

ganti ke topik lain..
febe barusan sms,,
kami berdua punya otak yang kayaknya sama..
yang mo dibelipun sama,,
sampe segala pembalut pun sama,,
febe bilang lagi ada diskon di blalbalalblalb,,
di sms nya lah dan ditawarin ahahahahahahaha..
febe beli 2, saya beli 2..


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