Do you know ??

 by @jetveetlev
  • #doyouknow Man, for every drama that Women throw to your face, means they want you to be more stronger.
  • #doyouknow women, a warm lovable hug at the end of the day will make your Man knew he's done his best that day.
  • #doyouknow that to be a Man means you'll have to stand tough on every drama and fight. And smile afterward.
  • #doyouknow that for a Man to smile after a fight means he's sacrificing his own ego for the sake of the relationship.
  • #doyouknow women, a sweet lullaby from your lips at the end of the day for your Man is like a thousand I Love You.
  • #doyouknow that it's also not easy to be a Woman, and face Man immaturity while controlling their own insecurity.
  • #doyouknow that to be a Man means you'll need to accept the fact that Women tends to repeat the same mistakes.
  • #doyouknow that a Man doesn't need tears or long story to forgive? They only need to hear a "Sorry".
  • #doyouknow women, a day without drama or fight, could make your Man fly to the seven sky? -- HAHA:D *ngakak*
  • #doyouknow that for Man, is never about the place we go, or dinner we have? It's always about the time we spend together.
  • #doyouknow that to be a Man means you will have to face the insecurity of woman while you have your own insecurity.
  • #doyouknow that a sweet little thank you from women at the end of the date, could make a Man sing out loud all the way home?
  • #doyouknow that for a Man, it's never about the gift from women, it's about the smile and kiss afterward that count the most.
  • #doyouknow that to be a Man means you need to withstand complaints even after you've done your best at the end of the day.
  • #doyouknow for Man the most important thing it's about the time they spend together with you. It's the moment not the romantic dinner.
  • #doyouknow women, that a sweet goodnight message at the end of the day could make a Man sleep with smile all over his face?
  • #doyouknow that to be a Man means you need to be able to share your time for her even if you got no time left at all for yourself .
  • #doyouknow that there's no such thing as happily ever after. But there's together ever after.
  • #doyouknow if you find a women who always there and wait for you after every battle.
  • #doyouknow that Man only need your smile and touch to understand completely that you care and love?
  • #doyouknow that to be a Man means you need to be able to stand the constant drama?
  • #doyouknow that in every relationship both male and female need to be able to kill their own ego.
  • #doyouknow that in every love story there's always someone left alone?
  • #doyouknow that to maintain a healthy relationship a Man has to be able to stand the constant pressure.
  • #doyouknow that it's not easy to be a Man
  • ‎#doyouknow that after all the fight and drama, Man only true wish is to see his Woman happy and knew his done his best
  • #doyouknow that to be Man means you need to be able to say "I'm fine" even though you are not.
  • ‎#doyouknow women, your morning wake up call, could make your Man feels like champ throughout the day.
  • ‎#doyouknow women your men also get bored on the routine of relationship, but they don't care, they care only about the moment with you.
  • ‎#doyouknow woman, what makes Man happy the most? The fact that you're happy with him.
  • #doyouknow woman, your Men never care about your weight or hair or dress or shoes, what they only care is about you and you only.
  • ‎#doyouknow man, Ladies look for a leader who knows what he's doing with his life, not a boy who thinks only about have fun and have sex.
  • #doyouknow Man, when your women complaint about your dress or shoes or hair, it means that she wants you to be the best of yourself.
  • ‎#doyouknow at the end of the day, all Man and Woman needs to do is to give their best and strive for the best to make each other happy.
  • #doyouknow Ladies, guys look for a partner that can support him wholeheartedly; not a baby that'd cry n whine when not given what u want.
  • #doyouknow Woman, when your Men went out with His friends, He wish you could do the same with your friends.
  • #doyouknow Woman, when your Men say that He's not thinking of anything, they really mean it. Believe it.
  • ‎#doyouknow Man, when your women ask for your advice about dress, shoes, weight, or hair. It means that they want to look good for you
  • #doyouknow Woman, that your Men will never can read what's in your mind. So say it out loud please. Unless your BF is Prof Xavier.
  • #doyouknow that there's no such thing as perfect happiness, but there's constant pursuit of happiness. It's the pursuit that count.
  • ‎#doyouknow that Man can really empty their mind and goes blank wherever,whenever they need it? It's a survival method.
  • #doyouknow Woman, When your Man say "relax, I'll take care of it" right at that moment, He want you to smile and trust him.
  • #doyouknow what it takes to build a long lasting relationship? your whole god damn life!
  • ‎#doyouknow that in the hardest time of a relationship, all we need is a hand to hold us and a whisper of "we can make it. TOGETHER"

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